Pappy’s Cafe: Crab Cakes Étouffée

9041 Katy Fwy
Houston, TX 77024
Phone number (713) 827-1811

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven past this place and never looked twice. It’s not the fanciest looking spot from the outside, maybe that’s why? But one day I met my wife and her co-workers here, and I’m so glad I did. They had a special dish named the Crab Cakes Étouffée that was only for a limited of time, so I had to try that. Everything about this dish was great. The smells, the flavors. Oh the flavors! If you love crab cakes and étouffée you can not go wrong here. Fries were also delicious and even the corn was good!

I’ve been to this place twice, and have not been disappointed. Honestly, can’t wait to back here again and try something else out!

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Homemade Surf & Turf

As much as I love to eat out and try new spots, we do love to cook at home as well. I feel like I should really start including more and more of my wife’s homemade stuff on here, because she’s a great cook. I love to cook too, especially when it comes to grilling. Now, I would call myself a grill master, because most of the time I’m experimenting and trying new things out there, but it’s all fun to me. Not too long ago my wife and I decided to grill out and we were in the grocery store and we saw these prepackaged filets wrapped in bacon. I’m usually not a fan of the prepackaged meats, but I thought why not. I try to at least try food at least once before saying no to it. All I had in mind was steaks, but my wife was like, “Why don’t we just make a big meal out of it, with some shrimp and maybe some potatoes”. Who am I to argue with my wife, right? We picked up some Kroger brand shrimp, steamed corn and some potatoes to round off the meal.

Now to stay as true as possible to the prepackaged meat, I didn’t marinate them at all. All I did was add just a little bit of seasoning to help out, but that was it. I wanted to see how well they stood on their own. After getting the shrimp skewered and meat prepped it was time to hit the grill. I started of with the steaks first, cause I knew we wouldn’t be cooking the shrimp for long at all. I love watching meat being grilled. I love the smell of it as well. I don’t mind gas grills, but there is just something about having the charcoal smell and taste that I just love so much. You just don’t get that smoked flavor on the gas grills and I just happen to love that so much. They steaks cooked very well. The only bacon that came off was the one that we didn’t have a tiny skewer for, but that wasn’t too big of a deal, because I just threw it on top so the juices would just fall all over it.

You wish, Dunder….. you wish.

As I was working the grill, my wife was working the stove. We are a tag team unit and we love it that way. Before you knew it, it was all done and I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into it all. I must say, I was very impressed in the quality of the steaks. Still very juicy and tasty. It went great with our shrimp, potato and corn. So delicious. I will not hesitate to buy prepackaged meat in the future. Thumbs up from me.